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  • Tom Lee

Is LOVO Free?? Is It Good??

Many have asked either directly or indirectly via other platforms like Quora, and I've decided to write a short Q&A on some of the most frequently asked questions about LOVO & our competitors. Hope this clears up a few things for most of you :)

1) What is LOVO?

LOVO is a next-gen synthetic speech platform. It's also called AI neural Text to Speech (TTS), AI voiceovers, text to voice, and other similar names.

2) Is LOVO free?

Yes! You get up to 14 days to make 100 API calls on LOVO API, or 3 days to access all the features on LOVO Studio.

3) Is LOVO good? How is LOVO different from their competitors?

Excellent question! Let me use shoes as an example.

You have the flip-flops from Target & Walmart that you buy when your sandals fall apart during a trip. You also have basketball shoes, cleats, rainbow boots, and other footwear suited for specific occasions. Further out in the spectrum, you have the Jimmy Choo's and The House of Harry Winston's. And then there's Nike and Adidas. Fashionable, comfortable, accessible, customizable, and serves both the wide mass as well as the special few.

It's the same in Text to Speech market: you have the inexpensive robotic voices that you can use for your microwaves, those that sacrifice quality for speed and vice versa, ones where you don't understand why they are so exorbitantly expensive (because unlike the $600 McQueen oversoles, you can't show off the price tags of your AI voices to your customers), and platforms that have the fundamentals to support and tailor to various use cases - marketing, e-learning, movies & games, audiobooks, call centers, etc.

- Google and Amazon Polly are the Walmart and Target of TTS industry, big-names that are available at $16/1million characters.

- Replica Studios is great for indie game developers. - Wellsaid Labs and Resemble AI are solid contenders with one lacking a bit in speed and simplicity, and the other showcasing a slight dearth in voice quality.

- Older players like Balabolka & Nuance have their loyal fanbase who don't feel like switching to the newer platforms.

- Speechelo and other lifetime deal pages on facebook... think of them as Dollar Stores or street vendors with flashy signs.

- So what about LOVO? There's a reason I've always been a fan of Nike :D

4) What is the difference between LOVO Studio & API?

LOVO Studio is a readily usable web application for individual creators and enterprises alike.

LOVO API is a set of codes for developers and enterprise teams to integrate our voices into their tech environment.

5) Can you use LOVO to make monetized YouTube videos?

Now you can!

6) Does LOVO have French / German / Italian / Dutch / British English, etc.?

Yes, we have all of them!

7) Can I use LOVO offline?

Not at the moment, but we are working on it!

8) LOVO pricing

You can use it for free, or find a premium subscription that fits your needs here