Your Voice.

Your Choice.

AI powered voice preservation
Protecting patients and families whose lives have been impacted by ALS, Vocal Paresis & Dysphonia

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But what if you never have to lose your voice?

Say good morning to your spouse?

Tell your parents how much they mean to you? 

Read your children their favorite bedtime stories?


The 10 Minute Rule

 LOVO only requires 10 minutes of audio to generate your voice.

That's the time it takes to say: "Hey Catherine, how was your weekend? Did you do anything fun with your family and friends?" 


7.5 million people in the U.S. alone have trouble using their voices.

When you lose voice, you lose more than just the ability to make sound.

We shy away from interacting with family and friends.

We hesitate to express our feelings and thoughts, hiding within ourselves instead of sharing with others.

We lose what makes us unique.

3 Easy Steps

Read script

We will send you a short script for you to read and record. You can choose to record in a quiet place in your home, or record in one of our offline studios.

Train your AI Voice

It will take our professional data scientists and sound engineers approximately 10 business days to build your AI voice.

Enjoy on LOVO Studio

After your AI Voice is prepared, we will register your AI Voice on LOVO Studio, our web application for voice creation. You will receive a free year of personal subscription.


Revoice. Rejoice.

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