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  • Tom Lee

It takes the Human Voice to Infuse [words] with deeper meaning - Maya Angelou


We believe in the power of voice. Voices can mend or break hearts, instigate or resolve conflicts, provide a meaning of life to some and take away their very existence.

We are also aware of the challenges and the weight of responsibility that falls upon creators of such technology like us, and the users of such innovation - YOU.

That is why we will continue to have conversations with industry experts, academics, educators, legal professionals, researchers, investors, and most importantly, customers, to establish a platform of discussion and a safe-ground where people can experiment and experience firsthand.

Everything you provide, and everything created from and for you, will be kept confidential- all the data, information, and our interaction. You will have control over their usage, and no one will be able to utilize them without your explicit consent.

Every great technology is a kitchen knife- we can make delicious food with it, or hurt others in malignancy.

Let’s pave the path. Together.