• Tom Lee

How CPA Canada is Leveraging Human-like AI Voices to Optimize for Efficiency in E-Learning

Updated: Apr 14

PC: CPA Canada

With over 17,000 students taking its classes to become accountants, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is a leading educational institution in North America.

With the COVID-19 pandemic sticking around for longer than anyone expected, social distancing and digital learning has become the new norm. As they have already been offering courses online, CPA Canada only had to shift more weight to that medium and create more contents. Easy, right? Not exactly.

To create these lessons, you need to go through script-writing, visual content production, audio recording, and overall editing and distribution. After you have the script and the visual parts ready, the traditional method of obtaining the audio was to:

1) Search for voiceover talent 2) Check out their recordings or ask for previews 3) Negotiate a deal

4) Give them the script 5) Wait for drafts

6) Listen and suggest edits

7) Wait some more 8) Receive the final copies 9) Combine them with video materials 10) If a number or a couple words had to be changed throughout the course of time, they would contact the original VO again or find a new VO to run through steps 1-9.

That's a lot of effort, time, and $$$.

A whole lot of that, actually, numbering in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars if you were doing it at the scale of CPA Canada.

pc: https://www.fortune500voiceover.com/2019/07/25/voiceover-in-elearning-content/

This is why they looked at a solution like LOVO Studio's AI Voiceover platform to help them save on the resources that they could otherwise allocate to increase quality and quantity of teaching materials, improve user experience, and foster an online community of educators and students. LOVO's voices are practically indistinguishable from humans'; content creators can quickly discover from a list of 150+ voices in 33 languages the one to suit their needs, input text and get audio in minutes, and even fine-tune with various speech and intonation patterns to ensure the delivery of the message is optimal. Learn more about LOVO Studio at: https://www.lovo.ai/studio

Find out more about LOVO API here: https://www.lovo.ai/api