• Tom Lee

Adding a Voice to Your Brand, in the Literal Sense - Old Spice & Bouncer

Updated: Apr 14

If you live in North America, when you see the phrase "Smell like a man, man", the low, charismatic yet humorous voice behind the script rings around your mental ears along with the following whistling tune. Or vice versa, when you hear the voice of Isaiah Amir Mustafa, your brain suddenly conjures up images from the series of ads that Old Spice airs.

This is the power of the voice - in literal sense - of your brand.

PC: Old Spice

For many decades, companies have dedicated a plethora of resources to develop eye-catching logos, repeatable catch phrases, and jingles that resound in customers' minds. Everybody recognizes the giant arch of McDonald's; remembers Nike's "Impossible is Nothing" slogan; and sings along to Huggies' "I'm a big kid now".

It is only recent that the actual voice behind these have received spotlight: Aflac duck's quacking and Pillsbury Doughboy's high-tone squeaks, for instance. And while in nascent stages, it's a new way for companies to cut through the literal noise in the market and be remembered in people's thoughts.

This is why Bouncer, a popular email verification platform, used LOVO's voice as the voice of their new mascot Winston. You can hear him explain what Bouncer is, and what it can do for your business here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/usebouncer.

According to Radek, the CEO of Bouncer, "Winston for past three years was developing his personality, but finally is complete with his own voice!!!" As Bouncer builds out their brand and create a story around their company and the character of Winston, his voice will play a crucial part in both being more personable and more notable in prospects' minds.

Check out what Winston has to say about Bouncer, and also feel free to try out LOVO's 150+ voices available for free at https://studio.lovo.ai

+ if you can tell which LOVO voice Winston is created with, shoot us an email at contact@lovo.ai and we'll give a free month of LOVO Studio to the first 3 people ;)