Frequently Asked Questions

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What Counts as a Download?

Each download consists of one file up to 15,000 characters (5,000 in the free version), converted into audio.

You can convert different texts using different voices unlimited times until you download!

What Is "Custom Voice"?

We can clone your voice with as little as 15 minutes of audio data for you to create unlimited contents with! 
A one-time fee of $999 comes with complimentary 3 months usage of Freelancer Plan.

What Is "Voice Preservation"?

Send us a recording of your relative or loved one and we will create a digital preserved copy of their voice for a one-time fee of $499. (You will need a valid subscription plan on LOVO Studio to create audio contents.)


You can choose between monthly and yearly subscription for Starter, Personal, and Freelancer, with prices ranging from $19.99/mo to $149/mo. For detailed information, check out after you register with LOVO Studio.

Free Usage

You have 3 full days after you register to test out everything LOVO Studio has to offer, including access to all voices, adding background music, and 3 downloads.

What Languages Does LOVO Support?

LOVO currently supports 33 languages and accents, including various accents of English, European, South American, and Asian languages.

# of Voices

44 voices and counting - we are adding new voices every month!

Does LOVO Offer APIs?

All of LOVO's features are available for easy integration using REST API:

Commercial Rights

Any business related use, such as advertising, promotion, web page creation, product integration, monetized YouTube, film production, game and software development. This excludes any illegal or defamatory activities.


As per the nature of subscription models, LOVO does not offer refunds.

What Does BGM Stand For?

Background Music!

Changing Emotion / Intonation

You can leverage speed and pause control, add emphasis, and even customize how certain words or spellings should be pronounced for each voice. Also utilize different punctuations!

Can I use this offline?

You need to be connected to internet to use LOVO Studio - however, any files you download are available for use offline.


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