Ultra-Realistic. Indistinguishable.


The voice of the narrator determines the success of your audiobook.

Of course, your own voice is the best in telling your own story. Clone your voice to create a consistent and high-quality narration for your book!

Apps & Voicebots

A Voicebot built in the voice of a loved one is 79% more likely to create intimate connections with the user.

e.g. A senior care Voicebot with a grandchild's voice.

Marketing Campaign

In an era where voice is becoming increasingly relevant, having a strong voice to rep your brand is important.

Depending on your target customer base, you may have several voices to optimize with.

What are you creating?

Make your hard work stand out

A perfectly designed voice creates emotional and personal connections with your users.​

Bring us your favorite voice and we will create an AI that mimics the tone, personality, accent, and style precisely.

Your content & brand deserve a perfectly tailored voice made just for you.

Start cloning your own voice, or any consented/licensed* voice!

Custom  Voices

We will send you a script to read. The script is at least 15 minutes long. Record yourself reading the script in a quiet room with a good mic. 

Send us your recording, and our highly trained data scientists and sound engineers will handcraft your custom voice.

Within 10-15 business days, you will receive a secret code to access your custom voice via LOVO Studio or LOVO API!

We take no shortcuts.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The cloning process

Simple Pricing

 This price is only for voices used in LOVO Studio. If you want to use custom voices for API, please contact us.


Per voice (USD)

Comes with complimentary 3 months of LOVO Studio Freelancer subscription