Your favorite voices.

Now available as an API.

Just Plug-and-Play the voices you love through your own app or product!

Over 30,000+ customers have chosen LOVO voices for their content and products

Natural and Emotional

The human voices your customers need.

Research suggests that revenue increases by 23% when products form emotional connection with users.

It's 2020. Your customers deserve more than robotic and monotonous voices from Google or Amazon. Upgrade your service NOW with industry-leading AI voices.

Power your service with natural AI voices to build better user experience

Perfect for every use case

Game Development

Scalable and automated voices for your NPCs

The last thing you want to spend time on is searching and paying for voiceovers for tens if not hundreds of NPCs for your game.

Use LOVO API to breathe life into your characters, while focusing on what matters more: the plot, graphics, gameplay...etc.

Built by the Developers

For the Developers

Get started in 5 minutes with LOVO API to integrate world-class text-to-speech technology with your awesome products.

LOVO API is built around REST, which means you can use any of your favorite programming language to get the job done.

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